Deep Cleaning Service


When providing professional carpet cleaning to all of our value customers, each of our technicians uses a 4 step process that guarantees results. We take pride in the quality of the service we offer, and always offer each of our customers the same winning formula. Our 4 step process includes:

  • Pre-Treatment (stain,traffic and soil treatment)
  • Agitation
  • Steam Cleaning
  • And Extraction

Pre-treating your carpets breaks up dirt and pathogens, and allows our steam cleaning to be even more effective. Your carpets are composed of hundreds of thousand of tiny, porous hairs, which attract dirt and dander. Bacteria and germs can grip tightly to these hairs, and require professional cleaning solutions in order to remove them. Not using a high quality pre-treatment will make the cleaning process less effective, and will result in carpets that are only partially cleaned.

Next, we move on to agitation. Agitation is another word for scrubbing, and your Quality carpet cleaner professional will give your carpets a thorough scrubbing using our rotary extractor. Although we are able to remove most of the dirt and pathogens through pre-treatment and steam cleaning, some stubborn dirt particles will still cling to your carpet. This last bit of dirt will require vigorous scrubbing in order to be completely removed. Scrubbing your carpets between professional cleaning is helpful, but it is not nearly as effective as professional scrubbing with our . The RTM4 VLM Counter-Rotating Brush Machine wich reaches over 650 passes per minute, and is the most effective device available.

Lastly, we will finish the job with extraction. Unfortunately, some professionals will either skip over extraction or use inferior methods. This can result in two significant problems. First, allowing your carpets to dry naturally can lead to the accumulation of mildew or mold. Second, failing to remove cleaning solutions can attract large amounts of dirt and dust. Cleaning solutions are made to attract these compounds, and if left in your carpet after cleaning, they will continue to attract dirt and dust long after your carpet cleaning company has collected their payment and finished the job. This can leave you with carpets that quickly become dirtier than they were before your carpet cleaning company was called.