Steam Cleaning

We provide the very best carpet cleaning service to residential customers no matter how big or small the job. Lara’s Home Services strives to provide its services in the most timely manner and with 100% customer satisfaction. At Lara’s Home Services we are straight forward with our prices, meaning there are no hidden fees and our prices are as affordable as can be. We understand  our customers work Monday – Friday from 8am-5pm, so our flexible schedule allows our customers to schedule on Saturdays & on most holidays. At Lara’s we understand carpets are part of the investment of our homes, that’s why we use updated equipment and treatments in order to ensure quality services. Lara’s Home Services is a local family owned business that can relate to our customers.


A steam cleaning is a standard cleaning that helps refresh newly installed carpets. A steam cleaning is recommended to be done at least every 3-6 months in order to to remove light dirt and dust. We use a truck-mounted system, which heats up water up to 190 degrees killing all germs and bacteria that is in the carpet. Our truck-mounted system also has a very strong vacuum suction in order to ensure the dry time is with in 6-12 hours.

*We do recommend using fans or heaters in order to keep it with in that time


If the carpets have not been cleaned in more than a year then we do recommend the next steps, which is the deep cleaning process.